Board of Education

The Township of Union Public Schools is a Type II school district. Our Board of Education is comprised of nine volunteers who are elected into office to serve three-year terms.

The general mandatory powers and duties of the Township of Union Board of Education are defined in Title 18A of New Jersey statutes. Other sections of the statutes state or imply that a local board of education has full power to operate the local public schools as it deems fit in compliance with state and federal mandates and pertinent laws of the municipality. The board functions only when in session.

The board believes that, by diligently exercising these functions, it will be able to provide the best educational opportunities possible for our children within the financial limitations set by the community. The board shall exercise its powers through the legislation of bylaws and policies for the organization and operation of the school district. The board shall be responsible for the operation of the school but shall delegate the administration to the superintendent, who shall be appointed by a recorded roll-call majority vote of the full board.

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